Solar Home System (SHS)

Solar Home System (SHS)

Solar home system

The “plug-and-play” system has 5 stylish lights, each with its own switch and is ideal for a two-bedroom house. It charges phones, MP3’s etc. through USB. This system is suitable for families (homes), for small businesses, clinics etc. The battery is fully charged within 5 hours of good sunlight.

Technical specifications

Full battery in 5 hours of full sunlight

Lithium battery. 3100 mAh LiFePO4

Battery life 5 to 10 years

14 Watt solar panel

100 lumen per light (5 lights)

Cable length: solar panel 6 m, lamps 6m, wall switch 3.5m

Charges mobile phones, MP3’s etc.

More technical information on request.