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Sustainable Energy Solutions for All

It is said that Sustainable Energy (SE) powers development, which is true, as it can provide clean cooking, better health, reliable electricity and proper lighting for homes and businesses. It can also contribute to reducing deforestation and climate change, which are all good for development.

However, it is only true for those with easy access to it, which is not the case for many people and businesses in developing countries.

As a specialized company for providing Sustainable Energy (SE) in developing countries, our aim is to offer SE solutions for all, i.e. to people living in urban and rural areas, as well as to industry and commercial sectors.  We focus on so called off-grid solutions, i.e. solutions for those not connected to the public power grid, and we focus on Solar Energy and Bio Energy.

We offer SE as an alternative to traditional energy, meaning solutions that can replace fossil fueled solutions, whether they are based on kerosene, diesel, petrol or natural gas, but also solutions that can replace the traditional firewood and charcoal solutions.

We offer scaleable solutions, meaning solutions in various sizes and capacities, as well as solutions that can be upscaled later.

We also offer services enabling the use of the SE solutions, hereunder consultancy services and training in SE and entrepreneurshipYou can find information about some of our projects and concepts here.

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